Cider & Mead

Our passion for locally produced agricultural products doesn’t end with honey! When we’re not keeping bees or hanging out at farmers’ markets, we can be found experimenting with various cider and mead (honey wine) recipes.

Our mead is made with honey produced at our apiary, and is infused with fruit sourced from local farms and urban neighborhoods. Apples for cider are also picked from local trees, and all fruit is pressed and fermented at our home site.

We have had the privilege of honing our skills through formal education, training, and industry experience, and plan to eventually share our products with the local community. Until then, we are always happy to nerd-out over cider and mead. Feel free to pop by one of our farmers’ markets for a chat, follow @cidermakers on Instagram, or visit us at any of the events listed on the Find Us page.